doxs! documentaries for children and youth
20th edition, november 8-21, 2021


No festival lasts 19 years to let a pandemic spoil its 20th anniversary celebration. No: We’re not postponing, but staying true to the cold, damp November weather. Yes: In love with cinema, we want to go back to it. To stay. doxs! is a film festival that belongs in the cinema and also sees its future there.

Due to the Corona pandemic, many things cannot be predicted these days. Hygiene guidelines can change, space in the cinema remains limited or screenings have to be cancelled altogether. What will be possible in the end depends on the current infection prevention regulations of the Ministry of Education and Schools NRW.

The upcoming edition presents creative European documentaries for children and adolescents. Apart from the films in competition (GROSSE KLAPPE), the festival includes programme for preschoolers, special screenings and experimental documentaries.

The festival is dedicated to any kind of young school audiences. The pupils do not only attend the screenings but also discuss the films they have just seen with directors and film experts. The international films are subtitled and dubbed if necessary.

The programme in the cinema will be accompanied by an online offer for schools. All screenings, whether on-screen or digital, can be used free of charge, but as always, registration is required in advance.

Festival attendence

Due to COVID-19 all international visitors, who want to get a festival accreditation, please contact our guest office: Tanja Tlatlik, office@do-xs.de

About doxs!

doxs! is the oldest German film festival exclusively presenting documentaries for children and adolescents. The international film programme is part of the well known documentary festival „Duisburger Filmwoche“. Each screening is accompanied by a moderated Q&A. The entry to all screenings is free for accredited festival guests and pupils.

doxs! works in various fields of media education and constantly develops new pilot-projects which set pace and break new ground:

  • doxs! kino wants to reach the lifeblood of its young audience. With topics that are close to their lives and the society they live in and with innovative types of storytelling that are different to what we know from television. Documentaries are a valuable guidepost through the world and its media substantiveness.
  • doxs! schule is doing intensive year round film education and media competence work in schools with documentaries from the festival programme.
  • doxs! on tour is on the move with a tour programme visiting festivals in Germany and its bordering countries.

The awards


The award acknowledges European films promoting an aesthetic approach to documentary culture and the political consciousness of children and adolescents. On the occasion of the festival’s 10th anniversary doxs! celebrated the award’s premiere in 2011.  The „GROSSE KLAPPE“ is endowed with 5.000 Euro by the Federal Agency for Civic Education. A youth jury selects the winner of the competition. 

ECFA Documentary Award

The in 2016 newly established „ECFA Documentary Award“ promotes aesthetically and formally extraordinary documentaries that are aimed at the age group of 6 to 12 year olds. Given by the European Children’s Film Association, which is Europe’s biggest network for children and youth films, the prize will be handed over during the festival’s award ceremony in Duisburg. An expert jury consisting of international ECFA members decides on the competition’s winner.

Best Foreign Language Documentary

The prize is endowed with 6.000 Euro by the ‘Selbst.Los! cultural foundation – Annelie and Wilfried Stascheit’ and is presented in cooperation with the association ‘Freunde der Realität e.V.’ every two years since 2019. The distinction honours the film directing and includes the publishment of the award-winning films for educational work in Germany. All non-German festival entries are eligible, which are aimed at audiences aged six to fourteen.

Former award winners:


„The Circle“ (UK 2019) directed Lanre Malaolu (UK 2019)
Special mention for „M E Z E R Y / S p a c e s“ directed by Nora Štrbová (CZ 2020)

„CHAMP“ directed by Cassandra Offenberg (NL 2019)


„Spolu sami“ (CZ 2018) directed by Diana Cam Van Nguyen (CZ 2018)
Special mention for „Elsa In-Between“ directed by Katharina Pethke und Christoph Rohrscheidt (DE 2019)

„CHAMP“ directed by Cassandra Offenberg (NL 2019)

„The Gods of Molenbeek – Aatos and the world“ directed by Reetta Huhtanen (FI/BE/DE 2019)


„Obon“ directed by André Hörmann and Anna „Samo“ Bergmann (DE 2018)
Special mention for „Operation Jane Walk“ directed by Leonhard Müllner and Robin Klengel (AT 2018)

„Apollo Javakheti“ directed by Bakar Cherkezishivili (GE 2017) ECFA Documentary Award


„Joe Boots“ directed by Florian Baron (DE 2017)
Special mention for „The Rabbit Hunt“ by Patrick Bresnan (US, HU 2017)
„Det trygge Huset / The Shelter“ by Robin Jensen (NO 2016) ECFA Documentary Award


„Black Sheep“ directed by Christian Cerami (GB 2015)
Special mention for „Ein Aus Weg“ by Simon Steinhorst and Hannah Lotte Stragholz (DE 2016)
„Dans for livet / Dancing for you“ (NO 2015) ECFA Documentary Award


„Jeg er Kuba / I am Kuba“ (NO/DE/PL 2014) directed by Åse Svenheim Drivenes
Special mention for „Gleichgewicht / Keeping Balance“ (AT 2015) by Bernhard Wenger


„How do you like my hair?“ (NO 2013) directed by Emilie Blichfeldt
Special mention for „Nieuw / New“ (NL 2014) directed by Eefje Blankevoort


„Krokodile ohne Sattel / Crocodiles Without Saddles“ (DE 2012) directed by Britta Wandaogo
Special mention for „Delete“ (NL 2012) directed by Janetta Ubbels


„Der Vorführer / Number One Rakib Khan“ (DE 2012) directed by Shaheen Dill-Riaz 


„Solo andata, il viaggo di un Tuareg / One Way, a Tuareg Journey“ (IT 2010) directed by Fabio Caramaschi